GREEN BAY, WI – (UPDATE)  It’s here! The final bottle in the Kombucha for the Ultimate Kombucha Taste Test and I’m wrapping it up with Health-Ade’s “Power Greens.”

It’s been a great couple of months going through a bevy of different flavors of Kombucha, a drink that prior to this I was not too familiar with.

This whole thing started because my daughter Sage & her significant other, Trevor aka “T-Man” sent me a bunch of Kombucha to try and suggested I review them and post my take online, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve done some in video form and some just online and ALL of the grades I’ve posted right here.


So as I wrap up everything, I go back to a brand I’ve had mixed results with… one of my lowest and highest scores, Health-Ade.  This time, they’re right back at the top with their “Power Greens.” Now to be fair, I’m not quite sure that I can define the taste on this one. What I can say is that it doesn’t have a vinegary taste. It was refreshing and tasty and yet if someone said, “RVJedeye, what does it taste like?” I’d have to tell them, “I don’t know, try it and I think you’ll like it.

As for some of the critical information off of the bottle. 80 calories and 18g of total carbohydrates.

So, for me the overall “UKTT” score this week is a 8.5. A high score for a beverage I just can’t put my finger on. 

July 15, 2020KevitaRaspberry Lemon7
July 22, 2020GTS SynergyTrilogy9
July 29, 2020Brew DrClear Mind9.5
August 5, 2020Fresh ThymeHoneycrisp Apple9
August12, 2020GTS SynergyGuava Goddess8.5
August 19, 2020Health-AdeBubbly Rose9.8
August 26, 2020Fresh ThymeBlueberry Matcha9.5
September 2, 2020GTS SynergyWatermelon Wonder7
September 9, 2020Health-AdeGinger-Lemon2
September 16, 2020GTS SynergyStrawberry Serenity6
September 23, 2020Health-AdePower Greens8.5

So all in all this was a very fun challenge. I hope you all enjoyed it some and I hope it encourages you to at least try some Kombucha.

On behalf of Sage, Trevor “T-Man” and myself, thanks for spending some time on this journey.

If you want to see the videos for the mini series, that I did before, here is the link to the Complete Taste Test Challenge Series!



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