GREEN BAY, WI – The next Kombucha beverage and flavor for “The Ultimate Kombucha Taste Test Brew Dr Clear Mind”. Now Brew Dr Clear Mind is a special drink to me, because it has Rosemary, Mint, Green Tea and Sage in it… Sage is my daughter.

If you’re just joining in on the fun, my daughter sent me some Kombucha for Father’s Day after a two year wait for just a list of her favorite Kombucha’s. Then her and her sig-other, Trevor… aka “T-Man” 

Made the suggestion that I review all of the drinks and do a YouTube review of them all, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

This week, it’s a new brand and a new flavor, Organic Brew Dr. Kombucha, Clear Mind and this one surprised me for sure!

July 15, 2020KevitaRaspberry Lemon7
July 22, 2020SynergyTrilogy9
July 29, 2020Brew DrClear Mind9.5

This is the closest to a “normal” green tea that I’ve tasted so far. There is not a lot of a vinegary flavor to it, in fact what you taste most of is a refreshing mint flavor. Normally I taste it three ways: straight, over ice and blended with ice and over Ice was by far the best. The  “UKTT” score this week is a 9.5 To me it was that good.

So there you go for this week. Do YOU drink Kombucha? Have you had this brand and flavor? What would YOUR score be? Post your take in the comments below. I’d love to see what you think!

Here is the link to the Complete Taste Test Challenge Series!


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