GREEN BAY, WI – Final Stop Bringing the RV Home I cannot believe it… the end of this mini adventure is coming to an end.  Just a few short weeks ago, I pulled a last minute audible and flew down to Florida to pick up my RV and start the journey back to Green Bay.

It was an up and down journey for sure. Starting with seeing my rig for the first time in nearly 7 months and with the exception of a broken right side mirror, the RV is in pretty good shape.

Cleaned up and after a somewhat painful stop at Camping World, I hit the road. A big shoutout to Cracker Barrel, I stayed at two of their restaurants overnight and had a great experience each time.

The best highlight of my trip was clearly my stop at Mom’s. I love seeing her and any time I get with Mom, it’s the best!

I made my first attempt at staying at a Wisconsin State Park, when a 2 night stay, turned into an overnight stay at Long Lake Campground in Kettle Moraine State Forest because of a broken refrigerator. It’s a beautiful park I hope to revisit soon, however with the food in the fridge smelling up the joint, I had to head out.

The final leg of the journey brought me back home to Green Bay and my first attempt at trying to park my RV inside of my storage unit. It was an adventure for sure. Moving forward though, though good thing is that there will be a door opener added to the unit so that will make things so much easier.

So thanks for watching this complete mini series. There are still adventures to be had in my rig and the new part of the country I’m in and I hope you’ll come along for the ride… the good, the bad, the ugly… to fun!



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