I got into RVing first by watching a ton of RVers and their channels. RVing was all a little scary at first, so whenever I could find good information, I snapped it up, quick/fast/and in a hurry! One of the channels I followed along quickly, even before I got my first rig was this funky, funny guy who wasn’t quite a nomad, however had great content about and for nomads, “Camo Dave.”

His channel keeps you in touch with the RV nomads and he doesn’t pull punches, so that’s one of the main reasons why I’ve always enjoyed his work.

Imagine my surprise when on Sunday, I checked in on YouTube and his videos always pop up and there I was!

It’s always cool when you get a little cross-promotion love & that’s exactly what happened! “Camo Dave” gave me a cool shoutout on his channel.😁

Now, I’m going to do a bigger video at some point, sharing some of the folks I follow on YouTube. I learn a lot from watching others in the lifestyle and when I finally did get my RV I wanted to do the same… pay it back if you will.

In the meantime, swing by and check out his YouTube channel, he’s usually right on point with a lot of stuff! You’ll also discover a lot of other YouTube nomads that you’ll probably want to follow as well!