Cheffing it Up: College Football & Chili Dogs!

Fall for me is NOT about Pumpkin spiced beverages, it’s all about great college football and some fun meals, like today’s! Could I interest you in some loaded chili dogs with your college football?  Oh what the heck, you don’t even have to watch football to enjoy these treats! Recipe: Ingredients – Hot Dogs, Chorizo, … More Cheffing it Up: College Football & Chili Dogs!

Is it the End?

This is just a quick video to ask and answer the question: “Is this the End?” The process of losing my job, selling my home, searching for a new job and living full-time in my RV has been a lot of things… Hard, tough, fun, interesting and stressful. You’ve been there with me going through … More Is it the End?

RV Cooking Cheffing-It-Up! Meat-A-Palooza

Sometimes you want to feed your inner cave person. And that means meat… more meat… and yes dare I say it…more meat!  So for this recipe, it’s using fire, meat and yes a veggie for what I like to call, “RV Cooking Cheffing-It-Up! Meat-A-Palooza” Let’s make this happen! Recipe: Ingredients – Beef tenderloin, Pork, Andouille … More RV Cooking Cheffing-It-Up! Meat-A-Palooza

House Sold! RVJedeye

So it’s done… all over… the house is sold! Time to say goodbye and move onto the next chapter of this “Semi-Full-Time” life. As you have seen, it’s been a process getting the house on the market. Thanks to my agents from “The Brokerage,” Scott and Patty, the house was up on the market for … More House Sold! RVJedeye