GREEN BAY, WI – (UPDATE)  Here it is, this week’s Ultimate Kombucha Taste Test with Health-Ade Ginger Lemon. Now I love lemon… I love ginger… however, lemon + ginger x Kombucha= “Not so good”

I knew this day would come. The day when I’d have to share my opinion about a Kombucha that I just don’t really care for. Now in all honesty, this MAY be something you enjoy, however for me Health-Ade’s Ginger Lemon, just missed the boat on so many levels.

My daughter, Sage & her significant other, Trevor aka “T-Man” started me down this journey trying all of these different Kombucha’s and for the most part the ones they sent me have been good. The whole reason I’m reviewing all of these again is because they thought it would be a cool idea and since I received them, I’ve been reviewing different Kombucha’s every Wednesday’s. First on YouTube and here now just here. 

I can’t wait any longer, the Health-Ade Kombucha Ginger-Lemon was aggressive, in a non delicious way right off of the bat when I opened the bottle. You could smell it all, the Ginger-the Lemon-AND the vinegar. When I took my first sip, it was strong and bitter. The Ginger & Lemon overpowered everything and while there was carbonation with the drink, it was not a good thing. The vinegar flavor was front and center as you drank it and on the back end as well.

This was the first Kombucha I could not get down. In fact, I usually sample from a small glass with ice and the bottle and I couldn’t even finish the glass. This flavor also made my stomach a little unsettled. As for some of the critical information off of the bottle. 70 calories and 14g of total carbohydrates.

So, for me the overall “UKTT” score this week is a 2… I know there will be some who like it, however for me this is one I will pass on over and over. Just keeping it real:

July 15, 2020KevitaRaspberry Lemon7
July 22, 2020GTS SynergyTrilogy9
July 29, 2020Brew DrClear Mind9.5
August 5, 2020Fresh ThymeHoneycrisp Apple9
August12, 2020GTS SynergyGuava Goddess8.5
August 19, 2020Health-AdeBubbly Rose9.8
August 26, 2020Fresh ThymeBlueberry Matcha9.5
September 2, 2020GTS SynergyWatermelon Wonder7
September 9, 2020Health-AdeGinger-Lemon2

If you want to see the videos for the mini series, that I did before, here is the link to the Complete Taste Test Challenge Series!

Until next week! Enjoy and comment below!



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