GREEN BAY, WI – We are about to do an “RV Q & A” RVJedeye style!  Yep last week I posted a video asking you all to chime in with questions… anything you wanted to know and this week, I’m doing my best to answer as many of them as possible.

One of the things, I’m constantly thinking about is how I can share my experience with those who are looking to RV. I remember when I first got into RVing, I looked all over YouTube and the web, for anything RVing, because I wanted to know as much as possible.  So when the time came for me to get my first RV, I wanted to pay it forward and share my experiences, the good… the bad… and the ugly.  Thankfully there is more good than bad/ugly.

So this week’s RV Q & A goes through a ton of stuff, that I hope will be interesting to you.  You guys asked a lot of really good questions, some were really hard to answer, however my theory was just let go… answer off of the cuff and don’t over think it.

In addition to answering all of the questions, I’ve tried to include links to everything I talk about in the video. If I’m missing anything, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll try to hunt down the link for you.

Also, let me know what you think after you check out the video. I really hope it’s something you like and who knows maybe we’ll sit down and do this all over again!



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