GREEN BAY, WI – The new series  “The Ultimate Kombucha Taste Test Challenge” is up and underway. This week a new brand and flavor, “Synergy Raw Kombucha: Trilogy”


Week one was all about Kevita Master Brew Kombucha Raspberry Lemon a unique beverage, that for this rated a 7.  If you want to also see what this whole series is about, check out the the first episode of the series first.


Meanwhile, this week, we’re switching brands up and going with Synergy Raw Kombucha. I’ve never tried this brand before and following last week’s flavor, I was looking forward to this one, to see if there is a major difference.  Kevita Raspberry Lemon, for me had a harsh vinegar taste and little actual raspberry/lemon flavor, so it landed a 7. This week, you may be surprised at the grade for week two:

July 15, 2020KevitaRaspberry Lemon7
July 22, 2020SynergyTrilogy9

I have to tell you, I really liked this one. Not exactly sure what flavor Trilogy is, however it worked for me.  It also worked all three ways: straight, over ice and blended. There is still a little vinegar flavor, however it’s not as pronounced as the first one I tasted. The  “UKTT” score of 9.

So that’s my first review this week. We’ll start adding more every Wednesday until I get through all of the Kombucha Sage & Trevor… “T-Man” sent me.  

Do YOU drink Kombucha? Have you had this brand and flavor? What would YOUR score be? Post your take in the comments below. I’d love to see what you think!

Complete Tast Test Challenge:

Kevita Raspberry/Lemon


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