GREEN BAY, WI – (NEW)  Guava Goddess… the perfect name for a new Kombucha for the Ultimate Kombucha Taste Test!  It’s my second drink from Gt’s Synergy, the first repeat brand since I started this whole taste test.  

If you’re just joining in on the fun, this whole taste test challenge came from my daughter sending me some Kombucha for Father’s Day I had heard her talk about it for awhile and in an effort to bond with her and her significant other, Trevor aka “T-Man” I started taste testing the beverages and reviewing them. 

First on YouTube with a quick mini series, now weekly here as I go through all of the drinks they sent.

This week we’re doing up Guava Goddess from Gt’s Synergy.  Synergy scored high before with their “Trilogy” flavor. One of the things I liked then and like this time is that you can really taste the fruit flavor in this drink. I’m a tropical fruit guy, love the stuff and this time you can really taste the guava in this drink.

Very much like some of the other drinks before in the Ultimate Taste Test Challenge, there is a slight kick of vinegar, but not too much to over power the fruit flavor. Because this is fermented there is carbonation in the drink, don’t shake it up before drinking. Over ice and straight out of the bottle chilled this is really a refreshing drink.

You can read the label & get your critical information off of it. 60 calories and 16g of sugars & carbohydrates are some of the big notes. I tried this drink over ice and straight out of the bottle and I do love it over ice the best still.

So, for me the overall “UKTT” score this week is a 8.5, just a shade under its brother/sister “Trilogy”:

July 15, 2020KevitaRaspberry Lemon7
July 22, 2020Gt’s SynergyTrilogy9
July 29, 2020Brew DrClear Mind9.5
August 5, 2020Fresh ThymeHoneycrisp Apple9
August, 12 2020Gt’s SynergyGuava Goddess8.5

If you want to see the videos for the mini series, that I did before, here is the link to the Complete Taste Test Challenge Series!

Until next week! Enjoy and comment below!