GREEN BAY, WI – Fixing your RV Fridge can be a beast. When I look at things to tackle with repairs to my RV, I try to find the things I want to do and think I can do, however in this case I really needed the experts to do it and when you turn over your baby to someone else, you’re kind of at the mercy of their timeline, which is what happened here.

To be honest, it took me awhile to even find a shop that could take in my RV. When I called around the Green Bay/Fox Cities area, most of them said they couldn’t even get me in until about 6-8 weeks down the line. Fortunately I was able to connect with Bayside Outdoors, a company I was familiar with a little, because earlier in the year I saw them at the Green Bay RV Show and remembered the name.

So I was able to get my rig to them and they started to trouble shoot & diagnose what was going on. When I took my rig to get fixed I actually ended up arriving early, so I got to check out some Travel Trailers that were out in front of the shop and loved two of them in particular.

The Holiday House Recreational Vehicle … I’ve seen this a couple of times and really dig it. The front window on this bad boy if fantastic and I can imagine sitting next to some water with that being the view.

And then a couple of rigs by Nu Camp, including their Teardrop and Boondock rigs. Both really interesting and if I ever try a towable, two trailers I would certainly consider.

Now while I waited weeks to get the RV back, I did get my RV Storage opener installed, so I had to check that out and man it is a game changer. So much easier to open and close and get my RV in and out. Really happy my storage unit added this.

When I finally got my RV back, it was almost 3 weeks from the time I dropped it off. I ended up needing a new power board and cooling unit. Bayside did a good job getting it in, it just took longer than I had hoped it would.  The total cost was hard to swallow at $1,368 bucks.  Basically, from what I can tell, the cost of a new fridge, but when you factor in labor, shipping and time… no one seems to be shipping parts in a timely fashion, this was a good deal and should hold me for a bit.

Now I have a NorCold refrigerator and I reached out to them directly for some information on getting a new fridge and then didn’t even respond back, so that was a little disheartening because for the most part, I’ve enjoyed my fridge. I’ll hold onto this one for awhile, save up some money and then maybe next year try to replace this refrigerator with a new one.

In the end though, the best part of everything is that I have my rig back and it’s ready to start RVing Northeast Wisconsin and having some fun!



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