GREEN BAY, WI – Before we kick off this episode, just a quick shoutout to everyone in the world dealing with the pandemic of Coronavirus. This is something we’ve never seen before and I hope everyone is doing all they can to remain calm, safe and healthy. We WILL get through this in the end. In the United States for up to date information check out the CDC. This is difficult for everyone, I hope this episode takes your mind off of everything for just a little bit so we can smile again. Now, let’s get this going with a bang!

Starting the RV season is always fun. You have the anticipation of getting ready and all of the excitement ahead. Since I first started RVing in Florida, this year being in Wisconsin, it’s going to be a little different. So one of the things I did to get ready… checking out the “Green Bay RV & Camping Expo.”

In all of the years I’ve been RVing, I had never been to an RV Show. So for me this was all a first. The first time I got a chance to see how it’s all done. The first time I had a chance to talk with folks about RVing in Wisconsin and just an opportunity to see some products and get my mind working as I think about what “Season 5 of the New Adventures of RVJedeye” can be about.

Slideshow (Just some of the cool things I saw at the RV Show)

Event Producer, Amy Shadian took me on a tour of the Resch Center in Green Bay, to check out the scene. It was massive for Green Bay. I think she told me over 100 plus vendors, including 9 RV dealers. I was taking a lot of notes, because when I bring my rig up north to start RVing, I’ve got to find “my dealer.” You know that place to help when it comes to everything from a tune-up to maintenance that I can’t or just don’t want to do and want to leave it up to the professionals.

The tour of the “RV & Camping Expo,” took a little while to get through, so I’m breaking up the tour into two episodes. In this one, Amy shares a lot about the process of putting on a show. Giving me some background on RVing in Wisconsin in general. And I just get a chance to walk around some.

In part two of exploring the “RV & Camping Expo,” we’ll talk with more of the vendors, see some of the products on hand and start to gather even more information, regarding RVing in Wisconsin. You’ll get to see all of that and more on March 29th, 2020.

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