FEDERAL WAY, WA – I’ve been trying to figure out what my next rig is going to be. Right now I am car camping a ton and I love it, but I’m also thinking about when the time comes what will my next RV look like?  Will it be a Class A, Class B, a Travel Trailer, a converted minivan?  There are so many options out there and right now I have time to look at a ton.

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Over the years I’ve interacted with a ton of folks and on occasion, I’ve been very fortunate to meet some of you and that really is special because each week I post things and you’re not really sure who’s looking at everything, you just hope folks are and through comments and postings, I get a chance to share some moments.

Recently, a couple who’ve been following me for awhile now, were in the Seattle area at a spot I actually stayed at earlier this year, “Dash Point State Park” 

The timing was perfect and so I was able to swing by and finally meet in person Sheryl & Melissa from New Jersey.  We’ve been chatting online for awhile, and I’ve followed them through their RV adventures on Facebook and when they came to town, we were able to hook up for a meet & greet.

What also made the stop really cool for me, is they gave me a tour of their Class B “Coachmen Beyond,” RV.  Now ideally THIS is the type of rig I would LOVE to pick up next. I think it’s a great option, small/large enough for me and it has a bathroom.

Now according to the Coachmen Beyond website:

“This versatile Class B Motorhome is designed for today’s active lifestyles. Experience unrivaled fuel economy combined with legendary Ford® styling and reliability. Relax in luxurious captains seats while enjoying the view through large frameless windows. The interior ergonomics ensure you are as comfortable on the road as you are at home. Beyond gets you where the action is, in style!”

So a special shoutout to Sheryl & Melissa again. Thank you for showing me your RV and spending some time having a beer and chatting. It really meant a lot to me

So… a Class B RV… do you think it would fit me?

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