GREEN BAY, WI – Tips on Seasoning Your Grill! I bought my new grill during the winter. I was hoping to utilize it earlier this summer. My roof blew off and it’s been a hot minute waiting for it to get fixed, but now that it’s fixed, it’s time to get it ready for cooking!


So my previous grill I loved, it was a little “Webber”-Like small portable grill and I “Chef-It-Up” to the max in that little thing. I can and did cook almost everything you can imagine on that sucker.


When my old grill finally bit the dust, it was time for me to go out and get another and this time I went with a slightly different kind of grill, this one is by “Char-Griller” and it’s actually a “Char-Griller Side Firebox.”

I went with this one, because it reminded me of a mini type of grill I had when I lived in Memphis and learned how to really do barbecue. At one point I was even at “Memphis in May,” on a non-competition team. I pulled the overnight duty watching the fire as we did a whole hog and it was amazing!

So when I was looking for a new grill, I decided to go a different route than my last grill and do this. What’s nice about this grill is that I can control the charcoal from the side. I added an aftermarket temperature gauge which will allow me to keep track of the heat. And I can grill or smoke in this bad boy at anytime.

So, once you get your grill, before you cook on it, you need to really season your grill. Most grills are shipped and boxed up with a coating to protect them and you want to get all of that off before you start cooking with it.  Now there are a lot of different ways to season a grill, this is just the way I did it, however it’s a good overall basic way.

Here are your steps for seasoning a grill:

1. Using warm water and some mild soap, wash down your entire grill, legs, grates, everything, then wipe off with a warm cloth or damp paper towel. Then let stand to dry for about 20 minutes.

2. Next using a spray vegetable oil or in my case “Pam oil for Grilling,” spray a very light coat of oil on every inch of you grill.

3. Once you’ve completed your spray down, start a small fire in your grill, close it all up and let the fire go.  You want to let it cook for about 45 minutes. Once your grill comes up to temp, spray some oil all over your grill as well.

4. After about 45 minutes, close all of your dampers and let your fire burn all of the way down and out. Once the grill is cool, remove your coals and with a paper towel or cloth, wipe your whole grill down again, cover and now you’re ready for your first cook!

Again, this is just the way I season my grill. I’ll go ahead and start cooking on it, usually a day after I’ve seasoned and then it takes a good 2 months of regular cooking with my grill, before I usually find my groove. That’s when you learn where hot spots are, how charcoal you really need to maintain heat and how it reacts when you’re smoking, versus grilling which are two very different ways to cook.

All in all, I love having a grill with me on the road. To me it makes food taste so much better and I love the whole science of cooking with fire.

Tell me, when you RV or Camp, do you bring a grill? If so, what’s your set up and what do YOU like to cook on the road? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about your grilling adventures!


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