GREEN BAY, WI – Getting a new RV Roof finally!  And if you think I’m excited about that, that would be an understatement! 

Let me take you through the process day by day. “RV Armor” is the company that did my install. “Jason” the installer did a magnificent job and what was supposed to take 3 days, ended up taking 4 because of the weather.  


Again, the nice part about “RV Armor” is they come to you to do the install. And for the record, they did not sponsor me at all… these thoughts and opinions are all mine and based on my interactions with them.  I’m a loyal guy, right now I’m happy with their work and just wanted to share my experiences.  That being said, let’s take you through the process.


The first day of the install started off great. Jason was on time and got started right away. He asked that I didn’t show him in the videos, but said I was more than welcome to shoot pics and video of the process, so I honored his wishes and kept him out of everything.

The first thing he had to do was take off the roof and assess everything and he made easy work of that. As he was doing the tear off, there were a couple of small parts he needed, so I swung over to our local RV shop and picked them up.

Because I have indoor storage, Jason was able to do the work on site. When the weather was good, I pulled the vehicle out and at the end of the stay stored it back inside.  Day one went smoothly and Jason got the roof off and started to actually lay down the first layer of the “RV Armor”, roofing product.


The one thing “RV Armor” tells you when you’re scheduling is that they need three consecutive days of good weather. Unfortunately rain was in the forecast for day two, however because I have indoor storage, Jason was still able to work on the rig. It wasn’t ideal, however it was good enough for him to get all of the work done that he needed and we were still on target for our three day install.


So, day three started off with a shot at staying on target and finishing up the entire roof. Jason and I constantly monitored the weather and early in the day it looked like we were going to hit our mark.  For me, I took three days off from work, so I was hoping it was all going to be able to get done.  Hope is a dangerous thing though and late in the afternoon, a ban of rain storms came through and that meant Jason couldn’t work outside and for the final coats of the roof, he wasn’t able to finish. In fact at the end of the day, the rain had kind of jacked up some of his work, so he was going to have to stay an extra day to redo some work and finish up the overall project.


The next day, the weather turned out to be beautiful. I had to go to work but I started my day pulling the RV out and Jason jumped right into fixing everything and installing the final coat onto the roof. About mid-day, I got a text from him that it was done and I raced over to check everything out and it looked really sharp!  I didn’t get much time with the rig and per “RV Armor,” the roof really needed at least 72 hours before you even get on it. I didn’t have.a trip planned for awhile, so my plan was to just leave it in storage for a couple of weeks.


About a week after Jason had left and on a great day weather wise, I took my rig out of storage and got on top of the roof to check it out and it looks great.  I still haven’t stood on the roof and I still have a couple of more weeks before I take it out, so I’ll continue to let the roof harden.  Let’s face it, the ultimate test will be how it all performs in the rain.  Big ups again to Jason and “RV Armor” for not only doing the install, but getting me in before August.

So that’s it, four days to do the install on the new roof and had it not been for the rain, we would have hit our three day mark, but heck considering I wasn’t even supposed to get her done until August, I’m happy with everything.

I’ll continue to monitor the roof and keep you all in the know as to how it all holds ups.  Now it’s just getting ready for that first RV trip of the season. Heck, I still have a couple of good RVing months left in the year!


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