GREEN BAY, WI – The time has officially come to see if storing my RV batteries at home has paid off. I have to check on my rig, put the batteries back in place and see if it will turn over. I won’t lie the night before I did this, I was a little nervous.

After I put my RV in storage and posted the video about it, I received a lot of advice online about what to do with my batteries. Now when I lived in Florida, I could RV pretty much year round and I didn’t have to really worry about them. However, here I Northeast Wisconsin it’s a whole different story. Several folks told me I should look into a “trickle charger,” and to store them inside. Two things I did right away.


So now that the weather is getting a little bit better and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s finally time to go back to the RV, drop in the batteries and see how I did.

A couple of nights before I took the batteries to the RV I put the trickle charger on all three batteries one last time. They pretty much were at 100%, so that was good, however until the RV actually turned over you never really know.

Once I got to the rig, I put the batteries back in their bay in the same order. Hooked everything up and then crossed my fingers to add in a little extra luck before turning over the engine.

The good news is that it all worked out!  The engined fired up. It felt strong and for now it looks like all of the work I did to store the RV paid off!

With the batteries in place and the RV engine purring, it’s time to get the yearly oil change and get the rig de-winterized, because I don’t have a location to do it. No worries though, I’ll take you all along with me as I continue to get the RV ready for this season of camping!


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