GREEN BAY, WI – It still may be cold out and yes it’s Wisconsin and it snowed this week past week and then temps went up to near 60 degrees only to have a snow flurry the next day.  Nevertheless, I’m gambling and starting to get ready for the RV season and this week it means taking my RV to de-winterized.

Now where I store my RV I don’t have any place to really do a full on de-winterization of the rig, so I decided this year to take my RV to two different spots to get work done. Before I start a season I always like to have an oil change and inspection of the engine and condition of the RV.

And since I was able to winterize the RV and it help up, it was going to be hard to do de-winterize it at my storage unit so I had to take it to someone to do the work.


The first stop on a busy day was “Bayside Outdoors” in Green Bay.  I’ve worked with them a couple of times since getting to Northeast Wisconsin and they’ve done good work on my RV.  


I had them do the de-winterization process and the 22 point Inspection.  From checking on the LP tank, to tires and lights, they looked at everything and the only thing that really came up was a right taillight bulb that was out and they fixed it for me.

TOTAL COST : $187.45


Finding someone to do an oil change on your RV in and around the Green Bay area was difficult. I must have called around to 10-5 places. Everything from those specializing in RVs to those doing truck work.  Then after I had one place locked up, the date I had originally set to do all of this work, changed.  They couldn’t get me in, so I called around and luckily found “Al Huss Auto & Truck” in Hobart. Not only were they able to fit me in, they did their own 25 point inspection on the rig and gave me a great detailed report on some things down the road I need to and we knocked off a couple minor things this time with the oil change as well. They also texted me afterwards and gave me some great customer service, so I definitely will be going back to them again.

TOTAL COST: $207.52

It was an expensive day, but one that needed to get done.  I put a little aside each week to help with RV maintenance because you never know what’s going to be coming and something always WILL be coming.

However now that I have these two big ticket items out of the way, it’s now time to focus on getting out on the road and praying the weather starts to turn better soon!

What do YOU do to get ready for an RV season?  What tips can you share with me, I’d love to hear them!


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