GREEN BAY, WI – Sometimes when you’re on a long trip, you just want to find a spot to pull over and sleep overnight. I’ve done it in a many different places, however my favorite is “Cracker Barrel Country Store.”

Now there are a lot of options for crashing overnight on a road trip in your RV or with your Travel Trailer.  I’ve stayed a couple as well, Walmart… although a lot of folks are saying that Walmart is cracking down on that. I don’t know for sure, because it’s been awhile for me staying at one.

And I’ve stayed at a Pilot Truck Stop a couple of times and have had a pretty decent experience with that as well.

Consistently though for me, “Cracker Barrel” has been the best.  I really enjoy spending time there and yep eating there.  So here are my “Top 5 Tips for Overnighting at Cracker Barrel”:

#5… Keep it Clean… 

“Cracker Barrel” provides these spots, usually at the back of their restaurants and they do these for us… RVers… travelers so make sure on your way out, you double check around your rig and make sure the area is clean!

#4… Call/Check in With The Manager…  

Make sure you check in with the manager of the property if at all possible. If you get there before the restaurant is closed, check in with the manager… make sure it’s OK to stay. Usually there are specific spots in the back just for RVs. 

If you get there after hours, look for the RV parking spots and park there and not just in a normal spot. These RV spots are just for that, RVs, so don’t take up the regular parking spots with your rig.

#3… No “RV-Spreading”… 

You’re or on a New York subway… stay in your lane…. meaning when you park in your spot, park inside the lines… don’t set up camp like you’re staying for days and don’t let your slides out. This really is for overnighting like a pit stop and that’s really how you should look at it.

#2… Order Something… 

Now this is obviously going to vary from location to location, however when You’re at a restaurant order something to say thanks. Whether you get there at night before they close up and you want some dinner or wake up early before you head out, say thanks by picking something up to eat.

#1… Respect the Process… 

“Cracker Barrel” does this for RVers and yes they get business out of it, however this is really a great idea and service so we want to respect the process… how they have it all set up and we don’t want to ruin it for the next RVer so just enjoy it, follow common courtesy and etiquette and this will work out for us all!

So that’s my advice with RVing overnight at “Cracker Barrel.” It’s one of the best places I’ve found to stay overnight. 

What about you?  Where have you stayed and what’s been your experience? Share in the comments below.



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