GREEN BAY, WI – On the road in my RV I love to “Chef-It-Up!” Cooking is a passion and I love doing it and I love to share cooking ideas when I’m RVing. However I have been wondering when it comes to the YouTube channel if RV cooking is good or bad? 

What I mean by that is, it takes a lot to shoot some of the cooking segments and I just wonder if you all like what you’re seeing?  Do you like to come to the channel to get some ideas of what you can do when you’re on the road in your RV.  Ideas like:

Grilled Wings… 

Always fun to do on the road. I love wings and when I can do them on the grill it’s even better! 

Chili Dogs… 

Need something fun for watching the game on the road? One of the best parts of doing chili dogs, is how you like to load them up! Sure you have your chili, but what else are you putting on top?

Campfire Meatloaf… 

Comfort food goes well anywhere and when you do meatloaf on the grill, you get to infuse it with some great smokey flavor that really adds to the meal for sure!

Just a couple of things I’ve done on the road in the past and hopefully I’ve got some more interesting things to do for Season 6 here of the “New RV Adventures of RVJedeye” that you’ll enjoy.

One of the unique things I’m thinking about trying this year, is doing something kind of like “Chopped” but with you all involved. Taking your suggestions, creating a basket for me to cook with and then trying to come up with a unique meal on the road.  I think that could be fun this summer.

What about you?  What do YOU like to cook when you’re out on a trip in your RV or camping for that matter. What are some of your favorite meals to make? Drop a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear what folks are doing and maybe I’ll even get an idea or two to do on the road this year1



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