GREEN BAY, WI – When I first got into RVing, about 5 years ago, I looked at a lot of YouTube videos. That was one of my big areas to lean on to learn as much as I could on everything and anything RVing. 

So when I got my RV, I knew I’d be trying to do something similar, to develop a YouTube channel, sharing all of my adventures, the good, the bad and the ugly.  For me it was and is always about paying it forward for those who are looking at RVing.

One of the things I look to do every year is to try to grow my channel and share more. After 2020 and moving to Northeast Wisconsin, I made the decision for 2021 that I wanted to step up my game and really grow my channel and this is all apart of that.  Season 5 of the “New RV Adventures of RVJedeye!” Was a blast and I hope you enjoyed it, now I’m trying to grow it even more.


Looking at a lot of YouTubers, many have home offices. Don’t get me wrong, most of what I’ll be doing is on the road, when I RV. However, having a place to make videos inside during bad weather or just to do something different, is important, so I built out my YouTube studio.

I’m a very frugal guy and don’t have tons of money so putting it all together went like this:

– Clean out my second bedroom that I had basically been using for storage

– I went online and picked up –

– “Modern Computer Home Desk” $64.99

– “Home Office Chair Ergonomic” $49.99

– “AIXPI 10 inch Ring Light” $25.19

TOTAL $140.17

– Build out all of the future and lay out the room

The hardest part of this all was/is cleaning out my second bedroom. I still need to go through tons of boxes and throw some things away or donate, however for the most part, I like the way everything turned out.  I think it will give me a clean location to do some cool videos indoors.

Now coming up a little later in the year, I will be doing some more videos straight from here, talking more about how I’ve built out the channel and my YouTube ideas and strategies. I don’t know if they’re all right, however they’re the ones I us and maybe will help you some if you’re looking to build out a channel in 2021!



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