WAUPACA/GREEN BAY, WI – How I winterize my RV is a tough one to talk about because that means, my RVing season is basically over. Yes there are things I will be doing during the down time and lots to continue to share, however getting out to a good State Park… Well that’s going to have to wait a couple of months. Is it wrong that I’m already counting down the days?

As I wrapped up my time at Hartman Creek State Park in Waupaca Wisconsin, I started the process of shutting down the RV and preparing it for storage.  Now for me, it starts with doing a clean out of the rig, like a normal end of trip, however I remove all of the food and do a little more of a deeper cleaning this time around.

Once the inside is done, it’s onto letting all fo the water out of the rig.  That means all of the fresh water and the water heater and then taking the rig over to the dump site and emptying the tanks.


After everything is empty, in this case I headed back to my storage unit to finish up. Having the RV inside for storage is new to me, however I suspect I will appreciate it a whole lot more when I check on it throughout the winter and as I get ready to pull it out in the spring to hit the road again.

After shutting off all of the water valves and pushing through all of the water with my water pump, I hooked up my tire air machine and blew air through the system to make sure everything was cleaned out.  Just a reminder you want to regulate your air pressure going through your system to so you don’t blow too much air through and damage your line. Making sure air flowed through everything this is where I made the mistake the last time I did the winterizing in Florida.


When I did the winterization process in Florida, I didn’t syphon the anti-freeze through the system, instead I just poured RV grade anti-freeze in the drains.  I thought I did it correctly but when I was reading through the manuals again this year, determining if I should do this myself or pay to have it done and looking at a lot of YouTube videos, I discovered I made a mistake.  I didn’t even put the anti-freeze through the rig.

This time around, I figured out how to use the syphon hose correctly and got the anti-freeze through the entire system.

Once the ant-freeze was all through the systems, I moved on to turning off the propane for storage and then did the same thing I did last year inside the rig, laying out cotton balls with peppermint on them, peppermint candles, peppermint tea bags, dryer sheets and “Damprid.”  All of these worked, last time and I didn’t have a problem so I duplicated it again this year. I’m going to check on the RV this winter and make sure everything is OK, so I’ll look for any signs over the next couple of months.

The final steps for me, pulling the rig inside and then also unhooking the batteries, locking up the RV and starting the countdown to when I can fire everything up and start RVing again in the spring.

I still have plenty of things to do for and on the RV during the winter, so I’ll share those with you.  Tell me, do YOU have any secrets when it comes to storing your RV?



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