WAUPACA, WI – I’ve done a lot of different RVing in my RV career if you will, however RVing in the cold at Hartman Creek State Park in Wisconsin is something…. (INSERT THE WORD YOU’D LIKE HERE) 

Hartman Creek State Park is located in Waupaca Wisconsin, just about an hour and half Southwest of Green Bay, a pretty straight shot though and an easy drive.  The one thing I really wanted to do was get to my spot and set up my rig before any rain came, because it was in the forecast for sure.

Once I got there and through the first day, it was pretty wet and miserable. It rained a lot, but I had things I could do inside and work on the computer so it wasn’t too bad. The park is beautiful, the weather was the issue, in the 30’s most days and night, a far cry from RVing in Florida


I was able to get a hike in during my time there and met a couple of cool people in the park. 

Brent, who was there RVing with his family from Madison actually was from Tallahassee, so we reminisced about the area and Florida in general.

And then I met Mike, from Neenah, who was staying in the park with some friends and he actually noticed the rig, follows the channel and stopped by to say hello.

In this video:

– I’ll give you my take on the overall park

– Despite the weather, I still take you on a hike

– And we’ll talk a little bit about the differences RVing in the cold and heat

Checking out the RV basics of this trip like I do for every park I stay at: 

  • I stayed there 3 nights, where after taxes it worked out to be $31.25 per night
  • I stayed in site #83… It was easy to get into. Not a lot of folks at the park and yes there were some folks tent camping during this time, which was in October of 2020
  • Cell service was good for me in the area. I have AT&T and two Hotspots, Verizon and StraightTalk and I was able to do a little work, just using my AT & T phone HotSpot
  • Hartman Creek does have a beach where folks can get into the water during warmer weather and there is a lot of good hiking around the area for sure 
  • I booked online through the website and then checked in once I arrived. There were no Camp hosts in the park.
  • According the DNR Site:

“Located on the beautiful Chain O’ Lakes, Hartman Creek State Park is a quiet and friendly, natural gem and a popular destination in central Wisconsin. The park offers camping, boating, swimming, horseback riding and mountain biking opportunities, the historic Hellestad House log cabin, and four picnic areas including Whispering Pines along crystal-clear Marl Lake.”

Click on the link below for additional information on RV camping at the park



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