PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL. – One Big Reason to RV in Florida??? Have I mentioned the beach?  Yep I love water and any time I can get to a body of water, ESPECIALLY a beach, sign me up!  That’s why coming back to a place I love, St. Andrews State Park, in Panama City Beach Florida was a non brainer.

The first time I had a chance to check out this spot, was back in 2016 when I started my RV Life. I took a trip, West of Tallahassee to St. Andrews and I was floored by how beautiful the beaches were. The park itself, is not a bad park, there is a lagoon side as well as a beach side and when you RV you’re right next to the lagoon.

However a short walk… 25-30 minutes, you can easily hike your wasy to one of THE most beautiful beaches, flat out in the world! The beach at St. Andrews State Park is the kind of beach where you go and you can easily stay the entire day at.  The water is crystal clear and cooling. You wade in for what seems like just a few minutes and realize as you’re walking to your beach chair, you’ve been out there for about an hour!

Now with Hurricane Michael, this park took its hits.  When I returned there this time, you couldn’t even get to the location where I had stayed before. The park had been hit hard from Michael, however the Florida Parks Service has done an amazing job getting it back into shape and totally worth a trip.

Another quick reminder, right now, make sure you’re checking to see what the policies are regarding camping and staying there. If you can book a spot, do it… don’t think about it, just do it and enjoy!

Here are the Rving basics: 

  • I stayed there 3 nights, where after taxes it worked out to be $33.59 per night… For me this was up there
  • Cell service was excellent for me in the area. I have AT&T and two Hotspots one of which is Verizon and was able to get out and work
  • When I stayed there, there were about 70 RV/Tent camping spots, down from about 170.  There were two main bathhouse in the park, both pretty clean
  • Great hiking at the park, most of the best hiking though leads to the beach
  • You can rent  kayaks and paddle boards on the lagoon side
  • According the Florida State Park Site:

A campground of 60 sites is situated in the pinewoods near Grand Lagoon. All sites come equipped with electricity, water, picnic tables and grills. The sites will accommodate camping units ranging from tents to RVs up to 45 feet in length.

One dump station is located in the campground. Two bathrooms with showers and a laundry facility are also available.

Trails, beaches, a boat launch and concessions are located a short distance from the campground.

  • Pets are welcome at campsites.
  • Maximum RV length = 45 ft.
  • Reservations can be made through July 31, 2020, through ReserveAmerica. Book online or call 800-326-3521 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) or TDD 888-433-0287.

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