BAINBRIDGE, GA. – I’ve been through a lot in my RV life however I head never been RVing when a cyclone heads your way! This was a first for me.  Now I’ve dealt with weather and living in Florida, dealt with hurricanes, however I had never gone RVing in during a hurricane.

So as I was living, “Semi: Full-Time” in my RV for several months in 2019, I got a real up close and personal look at a lot of things full time RVers have to deal with and that includes the weather.  You have to pay close attention to your surroundings and where you’re heading to for sure.

In this particular case, I was staying at one of my favorite Florida State Parks, “Three Rivers State Park,” and just about to head out to “Coe Landing” in Tallahassee when word came that a Tropical Cyclone was heading our way. That changed my plans for sure!

Instead of being able to head out to Coe Landing, I had to scramble and find a place to stay outside of the path of the Cyclone. I called multiple places and found one, “Eastbank Campground” in Bainbridge Georgia in Decatur County.  I had been there before and loved the park and was glad they were able to get me in.

This stop was NOT on my normal rotation of places I had been staying at, but just as I remembered before, it was equally as impressive and fun to be at. 

The campground is an Army Corp of Engineers park and they do an amazing job with the construction of the their parks and maintenance. This is the second Army Corp park I’ve stayed at and based on the two I’ve seen so far I’d recommend them:

Here are the Rving basics: 

  • I stayed there 3 nights, where after taxes it worked out to be $24 per night
  • Cell service was excellent for me in the area. I have AT&T and two Hotspots one of which is Verizon and was able to get out and work
  • When I stayed there, there were about 65 RV/Tent camping spots.  And a couple of bathhouses in the the park
  • Be careful, you sometimes there are ants
  • Great hiking at the park you can hike to two states
  • According the Recreation.Gov  Site: Eastbank Campground is located on Lake Seminole on the Georgia-Florida state line. The lake and surrounding area provide a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities for fishing, camping, boating, picnicking, hiking, biking and birding.

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