TALLAHASSEE, FL. – There are a lot of places to get your RV camping on and I’ve done a lot and can’t wait to do even more. This time I’m taking you RV Camping at Coe Landing Tallahassee Florida.

This was the very first trip I took when I got my very first RV.  I got into RVing with a Class C Itasca Spirit from Winnebago and I loved it.  Wait a second… I loved it, with the exception of the corner cut bed, hence why I upgraded to my Class A.

When I did get my Class A, I did a full remodel and since then I’ve been hitting the road, before the Coronavirus pandemic, whenever possible. 

So this was a chance with the new rig to return to my roots so to speak. Coe Landing RV Campground, is a small county park… Leon County. It’s a good central location if you’re coming into town for a little bit. If you have a tow vehicle with you, you’ll be able to explore the city very easily.

I recommend the first time you go out in an RV to try to go someplace fairly close, so that if you have any issues, you’re able to get help right away and you’re not in the middle of nowhere that first time out.

Check to see what the policies are right now under the current environment, however if they’re open and you want to get out… this could be an option for you.

Here are the Rving basics: 

  • I stayed there 3 nights, where after taxes it worked out to be $27.00 per night
  • Cell service was excellent for me in the area. I have AT&T and two Hotspots one of which is Verizon and was able to get out and work
  • When I stayed there, there were about 20-24 RV/Tent camping spots.  And one main bathhouse in the center of the park
  • No real hiking, a small spot to the left of the boat dock, but mostly on the street leading up to the camp
  • There is a boat dock that you can take your boat out and fish, no swimming at the park

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