First Night in the RV: The Set Up

Getting through work on Friday seemed to take “FOR….EV…ER! (In my best Sguints impression… Bonus points if you name the movie)

I got up at my normal time… 3:40am. Got my workout in and then finished loading up my car to take everything over to where I store my RV. It was dark beyond as I quickly threw things into the rig.

I parked my car and then took the RV to work and parked it just outside of the normal parking spots… And there it sat. Teasing me all day. People coming in making jokes and asking, “Ar the Griswald’s here?”

I smiled and waited… And waited… Sneaking a peek every now and then and watching the clock… Something I NEVER do at work.

Then it happened… Rain! My first trip and I was going to be wet. But hey it’s Florida, I knew the storms would come and go and as long as I didn’t get too wet setting stuff up I was OK with it.
Finally the clock struck “go” and I went. Driving in some rain… Missing the first turn for the State Park, but eventually getting turned around and getting to the site.

I did a pretty good job backing in and started setting up. Now my plan was to go some place not too far… So I choose “Coe Landing RV Park.” It’s a State Park and only about a half hour to where I store my RV, so this felt like a  pretty choice.

All in all it took me a good couple of hours to hook everything up, assemble my grill

start setting things up inside then cooking dinner.

The rain stopped… My belly is full… Some clean-up and the. It’s probably off to see how I sleep in this thing.

Right now I get why so many people love this and so far, for all of the years I’VE been thinking about it… The hype is real and so is the dream!


2 thoughts on “First Night in the RV: The Set Up

  1. My Deer David! (You are in the wild now…soo Deer…like HAY!). You will have many great adventures & I cannot wait until I hear about them all!!
    Your Deer friend,


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