One of the things they don’t really prepare you for after the euphoria of buying your RV, are the hidden costs of getting it ready for the very first time out.

Now as I’ve mentioned before and you can see in the video tour of my RV, I kind of lucked out and have a pretty clean used rig. Now I’m sure I’ll discover lots of stuff this weekend, but all in all it’s really nice.

But there are so many things you don’t even think about before you even get into the rig: Bedding, plates, cups, food, pillows, cleaning supplies… The list could go on for days!

And every time you hit the store to pick up something, it’s another $20 here or $30 there. I haven’t won Powerball yet or Mega-Millions so to me every dollar still matters and I hate spending so much.

However I’m chalking up a lot of this to just getting things in the RV and setting it up. Once all of the basics are in, I’m sure things will settle down… At least I hope!
So here’s a question: What are the top three things YOU would tell folks to make sure to have the first time they head out on the road