Great First Weekend & Here’s the video to Prove it!

The first weekend in my RV was a success! I wanted to stay close to home l, but learn how to use all of my systems and learn how everything works.

I will admit, I did have to make one call to “Camping World,” because my outlets in the back of the rig weren’t working, but that just turned out to a tripped GFI, which I corrected and moved forward.

I even made my first dump… (Insert any 12 year old’s joke here) and it went well. Other than the smell which for some reason I didn’t see much about in other YouTube videos? 😊

Anyway, here’s a look at the first weekend. Make sure you subscribe here and on my YouTube channel for more and of course you can find me on “The Gram” @RVJedeye

Thanks to everyone!


5 thoughts on “Great First Weekend & Here’s the video to Prove it!

      1. I know what you mean…and after 43 trips under my belt, I still feel the same way! Take care and may you have miles and miles for great RVing in your future!


  1. Hope you watched the movie RV first before going. That seen with the “Y” connector is all too true sometimes. Glad you enjoyed the first weekend. For me it was instantaneous love and I hope we can live full time on the road when we retire. So far we have meet the best people camping. Happy Trails


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