RV Question, “Does Size Really Matter?”… When it Comes to a TV?

OK, so I have a television that came with the rig, that I think was made back in the 90s. I’m sure it was hot back in the day, like “Sunglass Hut,” “Sabarro’s Pizza,” or a “Members Only Jacket.” But the time has come for an upgrade.

So I have just a few questions and hoping to get advice from the RV World:

1. What size is best?

2. What kind of “mount” should I use?

3. And what “kind/brand” would you recommend?

Chime in and let me know your thoughts… Even if you still have your acid-washed jeans😀

8 thoughts on “RV Question, “Does Size Really Matter?”… When it Comes to a TV?

  1. Hello, I asked the Hubz as he is MR TV!!! and he says check to see if you have 120vac power to this or 12vdc. If 12vdc then you should stick with that as you can power when not on gen or shore power. If 120vac you might want to change it but then you would need more electrical work. Or just get a 120vac flat monitor and an RV articulating arm and you can mount it against the cabinet and then move it so perhaps you can see the TV from your bed. Since you have a Winnebago the cabinets are screwed in and strong. You can mount to them. Some RV’s are not the same. For me I always have my Ipad and depending where I am(got to have internet or cell coverage) then I watch Netflix. This way I can go outside or anywhere to watch. In our small fifth wheel we had a regular tv (Target 20″) that we would just lay down on the bed when driving and then set up where and how we wanted it. I lliked the fact we could take it outside. Our Big RV we just sold had a similar TV to yours right above the drivers area. It was designed so that you couldn’t have it on while driving. MR TV being MR TV changed the way it worked so we could watch while driving(I drive he watches) and then also installed the tracking satellite so he could always be connected….. Sigh overpasses made him miss part of his show! HAHAHA. We were in traffic and stuck under an overpass and he missed something in his movie….. So much for full proof TV at all times. Knowing your love of movies I am sure you will have something worked out soon! Happy Trails!

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    1. Thanks for the info! I have both in terms of power. I like the idea of the arm.

      Not sure I’ll be able to see it from the back bed, but definitely from the upper can over I’m calling the, “Jedeye Lounge.”

      Right now 32 is calling out my name, probably a “Smart TV” as well.😊


  2. I’ve seen people mount one right over the outside of the cabinet so the inside becomes a storage compartment. We have a 32 inch LED in ours and it is a good size for the area. Good luck with the project!

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