From losing my job, to selling my house, to living full time in my RV to finding a job, you’ve ALL been here with me from start to finish. Now it’s time to say goodbye to this series.

It’s been an interesting time of my life dealing with so much. Having the security of my RV to live in as I reworked my life, was amazing,. I love RVing and will continue to do it for years to come. I learned a lot about myself as an RVer during this time living Semi: Full-Time that I will take and use moving forward.

In terms of life lessons in general, I’ve tried to stay positive and upbeat. I believe that, that helped me through these tough couple of months… and you all had a big part in that as well as you followed along with me through my journey and for that I REALLY want to say thank you.

Just because this series is wrapping up, doesn’t mean the channel is shutting down or that cool videos are not coming your way. I’ve got tons of this to share with you and will continue to do so and this spring, there will be a whole new chapter or my RV life and new areas to explore, so I can’t wait until that happens. But for now, it’s time to check out this series finale:

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