Without a doubt, “St. George Island State Park” is one of my favorite state parks fo all time. Most of what makes a state park great to me, HAS to be access to the water and the beach and this has it without a doubt.

Still impacted by Hurricane Michael, it’s still a very viable park to go to and enjoy.  There is so much to do and in addition to hiking, you’ve got the Gulf and one of the best beaches in all of Florida.

This is revisit was really interesting, because the first time I was there I hung out with, Mike & Jenny or “Duet Justus.” It was my first time meeting someone from YouTube and they were great and I had a blast. They’ve since moved on from YouTube, however they really helped me and I still consider them friends

The Rving basics: 

  • I stayed there 3 nights, where after taxes it worked out to be $28.39 per night
  • Cell service is good in the area. I have AT&T and two Hotspots one of which is Verizon and I had no problems getting out in the area
  • When I stayed there, there were about 60 RV/Tent camping spots. 
  • A majority of the hiking trails were impacted by Hurricane Michael and still a lot were closed

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St. George Island State Park


St. George Island State Park Season 1


Duet Justus



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