With a move planned for Wisconsin, I decided to store my RV in Florida until the spring, when I can fly back down and drive it North in better weather. Not having ever driven an RV in the snow, I thought that would be the safer thing to do.

However, that meant storing & winterizing my RV for the very first time. Being in Florida, I was lucky enough to be able to RV year round and I definitely took advantage of that. But with the decision to store my rig, I had to go through my owners manual and watch tons of YouTube videos to figure out how to do it all.

The basic key to everything is really to clean out everything and to get some kind of anti-freeze into your rig to protect everything. That’s what I did for sure. From learning how to “blow out the lines” to pouring in anti-freeze to putting all sorts of things inside the rig to ward off any critters, I did it all.

Now did I do it all correctly? I hope so, however the ultimate test will be in the spring when I go back down to pick up the rig and bring it to what I hope will be the thawed out Tundra of Wisconsin.

This series will be wrapping up next week, December 5th but NOT the channel. You’ll still be able to watch, new travel, cooking and additional content here, all over Social Media @RVJedeye and on my blog @RVJedeye.com, EVERY Sunday starting December 8th!


Morningstar Storage


“Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer”


Camco RV Antifreeze

Camco Proshield RV Cover


Camco Blowout Plug


Hyper Tough Digital Tire




Peppermint Oil


Moth Balls


Dryer Sheets


Green Bay Wisconsin



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