Life drama comes at you everyday. And no matter what, we all have some form of it. For me, this year, it’s been difficult, because in a matter of a month, I lost my job, had to deal with what comes next and then made the huge decision to sell my home and essentially become a “Semi : Full-Time,” RVer.Now, when I got into RVing several years back, I followed as many full-timers as I could and watched everyone do their thing, with the long term goal of one day joining the community.  I figured at some point, I’d be out there with everyone doing my travel thing all across the country.

But at the same time, I’m relatively young, have to work full-time and for the most part enjoyed that life.  Then it all came crashing down and I had to pick myself up and figure out, “What’s next?”

So that’s what this series is all about. What next?  I’m going to take you through what happened. How I went about selling my home. And take you through a portion of the job search.  But the main focus of THIS series will be about how I’m going to live as a full-time RVer temporarily, until I work again… hence the title, “Semi: Full-Time With RVJedeye.”

Here’s a look at the first episode:

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I hope you’ll watch this new series and enjoy seeing the journey… the bad & hopefully the good in the end!


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