Back on the 4th of July, I posted an article on the “Top 5 Fun Things to Grill on the 4th of July.” It was a blast to put it all together and share it with you.

Now I’m back! Another three day weekend is coming up, Labor Day, so how about we do the, “Top 5 Delicious Meals to Cook for Labor Day,” and have  some more fun!

Let’s get started!

5… “Red Velvet Waffles”

Is it a dessert or breakfast? Breakfast or dessert? One of the best parts about this meal, is you can do it for either and never feel bad about it! 

4… “Shrimp on the Barbee!”

Is there a better way to cook something on the grill than when you can add in an accent… no matter how good it is? Doing “Shrimp on the Barbee” is not only tasty and fun to day, it’s elevated when you can throw in an Australian accent! (Done out of love for my friends in Australia and NOT to make fun of them)

3… “Rustic Bread on the Campfire”

I know a lot of folks are trying to stay away from bread and I get that. d8991316-e004-45fe-b990-ced5dfe57a1cBut what happens when it’s done on a campfire with herb butter and it’s all apart of a great meal? Yep, might be worth cheating on the diet for a little bit.

2… “Coffee Spiced Ribeye”

So I’m going to have coffee with me all the time on the road and I love using java with spices to create great rubs. 19669FCD-338F-407A-BB82-CE57A1452B45.JPGSo for this particular meal, we’re doing a “Coffee Spiced Ribeye” that I hope will leave your mouth watering!

1… “Memphis Style Ribs”

I lived in Memphis for awhile, several years back. It took me a year before I bought my first grill because I wanted to really learn about cooking ribs in Memphis. I did a stint on a local Memphis in May team and pulled the overnight shift. IMG_8771.JPGI love Memphis style ribs so when I started to RV, I just had to figure out a way to do them on my own!

So there you have it! The “Top 5 Delicious Meals to Cook for Labor Day!” I hope you get a chance to try some of these and knock them out of the park. Let me know if you do how they turned out. 

Also, let me know what YOU are doing for Labor Day and what’s on the menu!