Looking for something really fun and cool to do on the 4th of July? Tired of just hot dogs and burgers? Well I’ve got 5 unique recipes that you can do on your grill and dazzle your family and friends!  Let’s get started!

5… “PORK CHOPS & APPLE SAUCE”img_3466It’s an homage to one of my favorite television shows of all times! In episode #55 of The Brady Bunch titled “The Personality Kid” that aired in 1971, Peter Brady wanted his favorite meal, “Pork Chops & Apple Sauce” for dinner. Fast forward to today and I’ve have a version of it, that YOU can do on the grill that would make Alice proud!

4… “CEDAR PLANK SALMON”404538a6-0dcb-41cc-89d3-302a1264b900Not everyone eats meat or sometimes you just want something a little different.  Why not try this easy to make “Cedar Plank Salmon,” recipe that will leave your mouth watering?

3… “ARGENTINIAN RUBBED STEAK WITH CHIMICHURRI SAUCE”D51FB36D-517B-41F6-ACCE-DA4648E8E530.jpegNow there is no way I could make this list, without having at least one steak dish on it. However, rather than just throwing a great piece of meat on the grill and calling it a day, I’m doing something a little different with my steak and you don’t even need to a passport to taste this “Argentinian Rubbed Steak with Chimichurri Sauce.”

2… “COFFEE RUBBED RIBS”img_0884Java… It’s not just for breakfast anymore. With this recipe, see how some good coffee and spices can make your next rack of ribs absolutely delicious!

1… “DEEP DISH PIZZA”4405e7d5-57c5-4da6-af2d-0741491ef36d-1

And the number one, very unique meal to do on the grill… “Deep Dish Pizza!”  That’s right, with a little planning, a cast-iron skillet and you can make this pie that will make folks in Chicago think you’re from the Windy City!

So there are your “Top 5 Fun Things to Grill on the 4th of July!”  Let me know if you try any of them and if you do how they turned out. Also, chime in with what YOU like to grill and who knows, maybe I’ll try and an “RVJedeye” version of it on the road!

Happy 4th of July!d5ca2ea9-0b7b-42b1-8df2-4d248938b31c