No question it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on the road RVing. The last stop, wrapping up the year at “Cotton Hill Campground ” in Georgia.

As I get ready to start sharing a ton with you all, I’m so happy, so many of you are excited to see the new “season,” if you will of, “The New RV Adventures of RVJedeye!” The new vids all start dropping on Monday, April 23rd and like in the past, I hope to have something for you up on the web, every two weeks or so.This year I plan to get out on the road a lot more. I am also going to be doing some work in the rig and will share all of those DIY projects and some I may need to hire out as well with you. Cooking will be a feature as well, no need to eat poorly on the road. But mostly I want to share my love of the RVLife with anyone and everyone.I don’t RV fulltime, I’m that weekend warrior type and that’s the truly beautiful thing about this lifestyle, there’s a place for everyone!

So to get you ready for Monday, check out three recent blog posts to set you up:

See how I replaced a battery in my rig

Also, getting my tires ready to go

And making sure my water supply is fresh!

Even though I haven’t been on the road I HAVE been doing a lot to get ready for it.And if I don’t say it enough, thanks for following along on the blog and the adventures! I love sharing what I’m doing with you!