The road is calling and I hear it loudly and clearly.

So far I’ve fixed a battery in the rig

I’ve replaced a tire and checked the air in all of the others

Now… arriving in the mail today! one of THE most important part items I NEVER hit the road without… my Camco water filter.Clean water is so important and even though I use a water filter pitcher in my rig as well, I feel so much safer with my Camco filter going from the Campgrounds into my RV.They’re not expensive, I’ll link to them here, but they are so important in keeping your water safe.For me, I get a new one each season. For as much as I use the water in my “New-2-Me-RVJedeye Mobile” this piece of mind is truly priceless.Pick one up and keep your water as fresh as you can on the road😊

Camco TastePURE Water Filter