Can you smell it? The road… the State Parks… the fun and adventure? Yep it’s all around the corner and about to start coming fast! The official start of my 2018 RV season is set to kick off very soon and I’m making sure I’m all ready.

In the last VLOG, I replaced the battery:

In this episode, I checked on the tires and sure enough had to fix one of them. Now at some point I’ll do all of the tires, but for now it was just the right front that needed replacing.

When I double checked the wheels, I knew I was going to have to put air in them, but never did I expect that I had to replace one all together. But heck, better to do it now than have to deal with it while I’m on the road right?

So a couple of hours out of my day and $311 bucks later, I feel a lot lighter in the wallet, but safer of the roads, which is not only good for me, but others around me on the road as well. Thinking about others is important.

Links to the products in the video:

“Bridgestone Tires”

GCR Tires


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