Not Just Posting for Posting Sake

So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve spent some time writing. Usually I’m sharing the “Adventures of [RVJedeye]” as I travel to some really cool spots, like:


But I haven’t had a chance to pen anything special lately because I’ve been dealing with some eye issues. Doctors call it an, “eye ulcer,” caused by one of my contacts.

Now thankfully, we caught everything early enough and I’m on the mend, but it has delayed me getting out on the road.

If all goes well I should be back out there soon and because of when I first bought my old RV, my Class C and hit the road…

Then traded up to my Class A and did the Reno on it…

I STILL have the chance to get-to-RVing earlier in the year than I’ve ever had the chance to!😁

So basically, I just wanted to update you all on what’s going on. To say, “Thank You,” for hanging with me and to let you know we’ll get back to the previously scheduled, “Adventures of [RVJedeye]” right after this break!

8 thoughts on “Not Just Posting for Posting Sake

  1. Sorry to here about your eye. We had to “pause” our date for about 45 days due to illness but that’s why plan are always changeable. Safe travels and see you on the road soon.

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  2. Sorry to read about your health problems, and understand why you haven’t posted in a while. I first came across your videos while looking for camper videos. Well I saw your first one and noticed the Florida plate, and thought that looks like my neck of the woods. Then I saw the news van and realized that is my part of the woods, that’s one of my local channels. We have enjoyed your adventures to local natural attractions and the reviews you have provided. Whenever my wife suggests we go someplace new, she suggests that we check out one of the places you have ventured to, so I was a little taken aback when I was perusing the local Craigslist and saw a renovated Winnebago for sale. I’m glad to see that you have plans to keep up your RV lifestyle and hope you get better soon to be able to enjoy some of this beautiful cool weather we are having.


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