BLAINE, WA – I’ve been using a new piece of equipment this year car camping that I think it’s about time to talk about more in depth, so this is my review of the  Jetboil MiniMo. 

No I picked up this cooking/stove system after cashing out some birthday gift certificates from the family.  At first I was going to get the Jetboil “Flash” system, but after reading more and more about both the “Flash” and the “MiniMo” I went back to REI and picked up the “MiniMo.”

Now the primary reason I went back and changed stoves is because the “MiniMo” has a way to control the flame and because I love to “Chef-It-Up” on the road, I really need to be able to control the flame when I cook. 

In addition to the flame control, I went back and picked up a Jetboil Skillet, which added to this system, has been a game changer and one of the best add-ons there is for the cooking system.

It’s an easy stove to use. So lightweight, that if you were backpacking, you could carry it easily and have a powerful stove to cook with.  Again, with the skillet, (I also went to Goodwill and bought a lid for it for $2 bucks) it allows you to really up your game when it comes to cooking.

Here are the links to pick up this system and while I still use a lot of other gear was I car camp, I use this stove every time I go out.  I am not being sponsored by Jetboil,  and I am keeping it real with you all… I really love this product.

“Jetboil MiniMo”…’

“Jetboil Fuel”…

“Jetboil Skillet”…



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