SEATTLE, WA – I’m always looking for ways to improve my car camping experience and I think I picked up something that is going to be a big help moving forward.

Now I can’t take all the credit for this pick-up, because while I had been thinking about these for awhile, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it and to get the right size.

What am I talking about? Window shades!  Awhile back I started to follow another car camping YouTuber, Colin from “Colin Adventures.” 

Now, what makes his channel cool for me, is that he car camps near where I car camp AND he has the exact same car, only his is a stick shift… which I really wanted, instead of my automatic.  Both Subaru Crosstrek’s and that’s important to note because as I was watching his channel, I noticed he had some window coverings that I had been looking at for some time.

He did a full video on his channel about the window shades, so I went and found them online and ordered them from Amazon and took them out with me when I was car camping at “River Meadow Park,” in Arlington Washington. I bought a pair for my side front windows.  And a pair for my side back windows.

When I bought my shades, I got them for the front and rear side windows and honestly they worked great!  So great that when I came back, I went back online to find shades for my front windshield and my back tailgate window and picked them up.

These shades are from YellowPro Auto. I got them off of Amazon and they are perfect!  Usually when I car camp during the summer I have window screens by Magnelex that allow a ton of air flow into my rig and a rear tailgate and awning, which I love as well from Hasika.  Add in these new widow coverings and I am now set for complete darkness in my ride.

I’ll update my gear links with links to the shades so if you want to pick up some for your car you can. YellowPro has shades for tons of vehicles, you should be able to find something for yours. 

As for me, I’m just glad I found something to keep me all cozy in my ride to help improve my overall car camping experience.

Do you have window shades for your car?  What kind and how do you like them? I’ld love to know what you’re using.



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