GREEN BAY, WI – Taking another chance in my life and career… that’s what my life has been about. I’ve been fortunate to have lived in many different places in my life and because of a little quirk, I’m at it again.

So, at the beginning of the summer in 2021, I was contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn about a job opportunity in Seattle.  It was along the lines of what I was doing in Green Bay, but also different enough that it was intriguing. 

However, it also felt a little too good to be true. In fact I asked the recruiter if she was a “BOT.” We laugh about it now, but at the time I really couldn’t tell.

So the dance went on for awhile. Late in the summer/early fall, I came out to Seattle for 2 days of interviews. I didn’t share much about the trip with anyone, including my family, just in case it didn’t work out.

Well a couple of weeks after I returned to Green Bay and I got the official word… they wanted me!  It took me a couple of days and reaching out to my family at this time to have some serious conversations about the opportunity.

After weighing all of my options and thinking about what it might be like to live in the Pacific Northwest, I accepted the position and had to start packing up to move out West.

It was hard to say goodbye to several colleagues and friends in Green Bay, but the job offer in Seattle was just too good for me not to take a leap of faith.

So I packed up my car… hired movers and hit the road not fully sure what was ahead of me.

My first couple of days on the road were long. Leaving Green Bay and heading through Minnesota and North Dakota. I tried to time my drive so the first couple of days were the hardest.

Coming up March 6th, part 2 of the big move to Seattle and some of the most beautiful country, you’ll ever see!


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