FISH CREEK, WI – I was so looking forward to getting off of work, heading up to Door County and enjoying Peninsula State Park. I had heard so much about this place, it was a stop I was anticipating for a long time. Now before I go down the road too far, in the end I did enjoy myself, but getting there was not the way I expected to be.

After work… a long day of work, on the clock at 3am in this case off at 5pm, I loaded up the car and headed north to Door County, Fish Creek to be specific to Peninsula State Park, which about an hour and some change away.

Once I got there, I searched for my spot and when I arrived, there was a woman in my campsite. Clearly she and her husband were “camped out,” and had been for awhile. I showed her my reservation and she claimed there must be a mistake. I called the office, had to go back to the check-in location and then back to the spot, where they were sending a warden to sort things out.

Once the warden arrived, the #karen and her husband started to argue with the warden and I’m just sitting there watching it all. The Warden was super cool and he asked me what I wanted to do before he got into it again with them. I said, “where where they supposed to park and what was that site like?” He had to check to even see if it was open and then found out, it wasn’t. I was staying two nights, they were leaving the next day and someone else was coming in the next day as well, so he was going to HAVE to make them move.

Now I was in site 494… that’s what all of the paperwork said. Turns out they were supposed to be in site 474! So the warden went back, told them they had to move. They argued again, but it didn’t make a difference, however it clearly was going to take them some time to tear down and move, so I had to drive around the park for a bit until they left.

It took them about 45 minutes to move out of the spot before I was able to get in and finally set up. Oh, by the way… did I mention it rained for part of it?

In the end, I got into my site and I tried to put the issue behind me. The Wisconsin DNR and the Warden were really nice and they gave me money back for the one night that I had to deal with all of the drama, so I really appreciate that. I had the Warden’s business card and I wrote a note to his boss and copied him on the note as well, so they and he knew how much I appreciated his work.

As for the park, it is huge and spectacular! Here is the 411 on the trip: 

  • I stayed there 2 nights, where after taxes it worked out to be $47.75 per night… They did give me a $20 credit for the 1 night.
  • I stayed in site #494… It was easy to get into. The bathroom location was about a minute walk or so from the site. It was a big site, lot’s of sun
  • Cell service was not strong for me in the area. I have AT&T.
  • The sites have nice tree coverage, but they are close together.
  • The park itself is huge and you have to sometimes drive to places to hike. It’s also a good park if you have a bike
  • I booked online through the Wisconsin DNR website.
  • According the DNR Site:

“Considered Wisconsin’s most complete park, Peninsula State Park offers over 460 campsites, three group camps, a summer theater, an 18-hole golf course, sand beach, bike trails, a lighthouse and eight miles of Door County shoreline. The rollicking waves that skip towards Peninsula’s sky high bluffs are part of the Niagara Escarpment.”

With all of the drama, in the end it was a nice park to visit. I see why a lot of folks go to it. It’s a huge park and there are a lot of folks squished together in the campsites. The views though are spectacular!


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