GREEN BAY, WI – Can I Be RVJedeye Without My RV? That’s like the million dollar question and I don’t have a million dollars… although I could use of a million dollars for my RV lol But I digress. 

Quite frankly it’s been a tough couple of weeks ever since I got back from my first attempt at an RV trip this season. Losing my roof was something I never expected and wasn’t really ready to deal with. However somehow… some way… I got my rig back from the trip and into storage.


Once I got back and took a day or two to kind of figure some things out, I began the process of filing for insurance and starting to look for a place to be able to put on a new roof. I’m going to take you though how I do this part as I do it.  The one thing I started to realize is I couldn’t just stay in a “funk” I had to use the “RV Force” and turn things around.

Which leads me to the question, “Can I be RVJedeye without my RV?” And the answer is yes!  I still have a lot of projects I want to do on/inside the rig, so instead of be out and about checking out state parks or cool locations, I’ll bring you along as I knock out some of these projects.

The one big project, the first on the list is without a doubt fixing the right side passenger mirror. I took you through how I found one and now it’s time to just hunker down and finish the job.

The other thing I want to do is fix some lights inside the RV. I have some sconces I want to put up in the bedroom, replacing some old lights and then there are probably two or three little things I’d like to button up as well. Owning an RV is like owning your house, there are lots of little projects to do all of the time and then you make the mistake of watching some HGTV and then you start thinking about 5 more things you want to do to your house and then you’re doing more. Every time I watch YouTube, I see folks working on their rigs and remodeling and doing things and I say, “Hey… that might be fun to try.”

So for me the bottom line is, “Yes!” I CAN be RVJedeye even with my RV in storage as I wait to get a new roof.


What are your top 2 projects you want to get done this year?  Let me know in the comments below!


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