GREEN BAY, WI – The time had finally come. It was time to take my RV out for the very first time of the year and then major RV drama roof goes bye bye.  It was scary, because I had no idea what was going on. I had never had anything like this happen before and it was not the way I wanted to start off my RV season.

The weather actually turned out to be pretty decent and decent, I mean it wasn’t snowing, raining or too cold. So I booked a quick trip to “Devil’s Lake State Park” in Wisconsin. I worked the full half day… about 8 hours and started to head down to the park, which is about 3 hours from Green Bay.

On the way down, about 40 minutes outside of the park, I started to notice a rattling on top of my RV. At first I thought, maybe something got caught on top… you know a plastic bag or something, but quickly I noticed it was shaking the whole RV and it was NOT just a plastic bag.

I pulled over to the side of the road, climbed on top of the RV and saw my roof blowing in the wind.  Again I had never heard or known anything about this in all of my RVing life.

Now here’s the dilemma… I was about 2 and half hours away from Green Bay. Another 40 minutes or so to Devil’s Lake and nowhere near an RV dealership.  So my thought was, try to get to my RV spot where I could assess the damage. See if I could do some kind of a patch. Fix it so I could at least bring the RV home the next day. I didn’t want to chance any rain on the roof, so even though I had a couple of days booked at Devil’s Lake, I was going to give it up so that I could get my rig back home relatively safely.

Once in my spot, I got back up on the roof and it was a total mess. The wind had really done a number on the roof for sure. I carry a tool box with me, with lots of different things in it, including screws, so I was able to drill through some of the fiberglass roofing and tack it down. I did cover part of the roof with a plastic tarp and shut her down for the night.

The next morning I got up and drove back to Green Bay.

Thank goodness I have indoor storage and it really paid off for me. Having the RV project from the rain meant my actual roofing, underneath the fiberglass top wasn’t going to get ruined. It also rained the next 3 of the 4 days.

Next up, I have to work with insurance, try to find a place that can repair my roof and figure out what’s next for RVJedeye!

What’s the worst repair you’ve had to deal with with your RV?  Let me know in the comments below!


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