GREEN BAY, WI – The time is finally here… time for me to hop on a plane and head on down to Florida to pick up my RV which means I have to fly during the pandemic.

The last time I flew anywhere was about 7 months ago in the reverse. I flew from Tallahassee to Green Bay to check out a potential job.  Back then, the only thing I really had to worry about was snow and then when I got back, jumping in my RV again heading to another State Park.

After I landed my job here in Green Bay, I made the move in my car, choosing to store my RV until the spring, when I thought it would be easy enough to head on back to Tallahassee to grab the rig.

Now that all sounded fine and dandy in my head and in general, that is until Covid-19 hit and the country went on lockdown.  I am a believer that we have to be extra careful right now and this is no joke, so the thought of getting on a plane during all of this has been weighing on my mind for months.  However as things have started to open up, I started to look for a hole in my work schedule and look for the right opportunity to sneak down to Florida and quickly get the RV.

So that’s what I did. First, I had to find a place to store the RV and I did that. Indoor storage, close to the apartment. Then I had to take time off of work to make this all happen… check that off.  Finally I had to find an inexpensive flight to Florida and boom I found one.

All of the planets were lining up to make this happen.  I tried to fly out of Green Bay, however couldn’t get a flight from here, so I ended flying out of the Appleton International Airport, which is about 40 minutes away.

I carried on my luggage, just one bag. I wore a mask the entire time I arrived at the airport to check in at my hotel. I carried hand sanitizer and used it constantly. And I tried to stay as socially distanced as I could, wherever I was during the trip.

Even on the plane there were a couple times I was able to create a little space, moving to have a little extra separation, however I have to tell you it was hard.  Hard because not everyone, was concerned with following protocol. 

Kudos to American Airlines, who did a decent job with passengers.  All of their folks DID have on masks as well, so for having to fly, I think they did the best they could as well.

I got up at 2:30am to start the flight from Green Bay to Tallahassee.  The route went through Chicago to Dallas…where I did get some good barbecue at Cousin’s BBQ in the airport… to Tallahassee.  There was a delay with the plane that pushed my flight back and that was rough.  I was originally scheduled to get into Florida around 3pm, instead I didn’t get into Florida until 10pm.  And what made it worst, is after getting my rental car from Enterprise and arriving at my hotel, WoodSpring Suites, it took another half hour before anyone came to the door to check me in. THAT did not make me happy at all.’

In the end, I made it safe and sound and in just a matter of hours, I’d be reunited with my RV to start the process of returning to Green Bay.

Over the next several episodes, I’m taking you with me as I:

  • Where to Store Your RV… DONE!
  • Hop on a plane to get my RV… DONE!
  • Prep it for the drive back to Wisconsin
  • Drive back
  • (Insert Special Surprise!)
  • Set it up in the new home

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