What does it cost to RV? That’s a loaded question. There are so many variables involved with answering that and that’s why in this episode, I’m sharing with you “My RV Budget” 

Now what I did was take all of my receipts for the month of September and broke down my costs for RVing that month. These numbers are based on what it actually costs me to be out on the road.  

This is something I hadn’t done until now, I just went with the impression that I was saving money overall, so this number has to be small. And I will admit I was surprised a bit at the overall details. The number was a little higher than I anticipated, however it is still lower than the overall costs to live in my old “Sticks & Bricks,” home.

I expect over time to trim this number down once I get a better handle of what it’s like to be on the road full-time or in my case “Semi: Full-Time.” 

Which brings me to the title of this series and questions about it. I’m using the term, “Semi: Full-Time” because while I AM full-time now, I expect to be back into some form of a “Sticks & Bricks,” when I find a job and work again. So that in mind, that’s why I’m calling this “Semi: Full-Time.”  I hope that clears everything up and I appreciate everyone’s questions.

So in this episode, it’s all about the dollars and cents.  It’s not the ONLY way to do this, but it is the way I’m doing it right now. Expect some changes moving forward as well:

Here is how everything broke down in detail:

Budget for September 2019

RV Stuff

RV = $413

RV Storage = $70

RV Insurance = $72

Tags 9/11 = $87

Total = $642 SUB = $642


Fly 9/30 = $75

Fly 9/25 = $75

Fly 9/11 = $75

Total = $225 SUB = $867

State Parks

St. G = $85

Suwannee = $128

Three = $42

Torreya = $59

Suwannee = $79

Reed = $97

Falling = $86

Coe(County) = $81

Total = $657 SUB = $1,524


Pub 9/30 = $77

Dollar 9/30 = $8

Wall 9/27 = $10

Wall 9/24 = $110

Pub 9/3 = $60

Laundry = $25

Total = $290 SUB = $1,814


AT&T = $127

Straight = $50

Straight = $50

Straight = $25

Straight = $125

Verizon = $50

Sling 9/30 = $40

ESPN + = $6

Total = $473 SUB = $2,287

FINAL TOTAL = $2,287

12 MONTHS = $27,444.00

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