As soon as I lost my job, I had to figure out what could happen next. That meant assessing what kind of bills I was going to have to pay and in so, looking at the biggest of them all, my mortgage on my house.

I picked up my house, just a year and half prior and knowing my profession, I don’t anticipate that there will be many offers locally, so after conferring with my relator Patty Wilson, I made the decision to pull the trigger and put the house up for sale.

This was a tough decision, because I bought my house, did some work on it and loved it. But in the long run, with school coming back, the weather nice and the market hot, getting the house sold was going to be the smart move. 

Once I do get a job and if it’s outside of the area, then I will be nimble enough to move quickly and start right away. Had I held onto it, I might have had to make a hasty deal in the end, once I had an opportunity to go someplace.

That day… making the decision to sell… was more difficult than I imagined:

Episode 3:

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