The Stephen C. Foster Museum Tour in Florida is an interesting look into one of the most recognizable American composers of all times.Located in White Springs, just about an hour and half outside of Tallahassee, it’s part of the “Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park”

When you enter the museum you quickly notice a number of dioramas depicting some of his most famous songs.

“Camp Town Races”“Oh Susanna”“Way Down Upon the Suwannee River”Right next to the museum is the, “Stephen C. Foster Memorial Carrion.” Located in a gorgeous tower, it rings out the state song all throughout the day.

“Nearly 20 years of planning by the Stephen Foster Memorial Commission culminated in the erection of the 200-foot high campanile and the selection of the Deagan carillon as tribute to the composer of Florida’s state song, “Old Folks at Home” in 1957.  Members of the commission traveled thousands of miles over many months auditioning European and domestic bell instruments before selecting the American-made carillon to become the musical voice of the park.

The 97-bell carillon is one of the largest musical instruments ever produced in the Western Hemisphere, and the world’s largest tubular bell carillon. It was built by J.C. Deagan, Inc., Chicago, at a total cost of just under $120,000.”

Florida State 

The museum is certainly worth visiting when you’re at the park. Make sure you take the time out to check it out.


Stephen C. Foster

Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park

Stephen Memorial Carillon


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