It’s Like Christmas in July! Amazon Prime Day! 2019

Hey guys… Monday, July 15th-July 16th is “Amazon Prime Day!”

It’s one of, if not THE biggest days for deals and steals on Amazon. It’s a great day to load up on things you need at a great discount. And for those RVing, looking to pick up some things for the rig, it is a perfect day!

Now I have an Amazon Store Front, which you can connect to by clicking this link here…

And it lists some of the products that I’ve used to:

Remodel the RV…

Protect the RV…

And to just add to the overall enjoyment of my RVing experience…

If you’re looking for some cool gear, head on over to the storefront, check out my gear list and who knows maybe there is a piece or two you might be interested in picking up?

Also, if you’ve been wanting to upgrade and join Amazon Prime, now is the time to do it.  And it’s oh so easy! Click here, sign up and go… see how easy it is?

So, I hope this helps and if you find something you like and need, click on over, pick it up or at least put in some place to hold until it’s time to purchase!


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