Who IS RVJEDEYE? These Folks Have an Idea😁

There are so many folks to follow in the RV World and quite frankly I’m humbled & honored if I make your list.I got to thinking there are a lot of really cool places to learn about my journey out here that I thought I’d share with you.

Obviously, you can learn a ton simply by subscribing & following along from the YouTube page at RVJEDEYE. There are lots of videos from my start to now online. And some I hope are kind of fun like, “Getting Artsy Fartsy”

The other place you can learn more about my adventures through the RV World are from two really cool podcasts if you will.

The first from Camping World and their “Stories From the Road” series.The second is from, Liz Wilcox who runs a great website called, “The Virtual Campground.”And then one of the coolest things I’ve had a chance to do is write two things for, “Winnebago Life.”

The first on Winnebago’s 60th anniversary.And the second on cooking on the road.

If you get a chance, check out some of these really cool interviews. Clearly I love sharing and talking about RVing. Since I started all of this, it’s been such a great part of my life, i hope you get to enjoy some of it with me as well!


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